DISTRICT POPULATION WELFARE OFFICE The administrative control of District Population Welfare Office (DPWO), Islamabad has been transferred to Capital Administration and Development Division. Previously it was under the control of Ministry of Interior. The DPWo is running the population Welfare Programe under the PSDP project titled “Population Welfare Services in District Islamabad”. The programme of population welfare was started in Islamabad in 1982 under the Ministry of Population Welfare. The programme is dovetailed with the five year plans of the government. The existing activities are in accordance with the Five Year Development Plan 2010-15. The main goal of the programme is to provide reproductive health services and family planning services to the inhabitants of ICT. The service delivery infrastructure of the programme is as follows: o Family Welfare Centers = 29. o Reproductive Health Service “A Centers” =03 o Mobile Service Units = 01 o Men’s Advisory Centre =01 o Social Mobilizers = 20 The population coverage of the programme in 2012-13 is 0.85 Million. Financial Allocation and Utilization PSDP 2011-12 S # Sector/Sub Sector Name of Projects Allocation Release Utilization %utilization 1 Social Sector/Population Welfare Services in District Islamabad 100.00 Million 80.000 Million 83.283 Million 104% Physical Target and Achievement PSDP 2011-12 S# Sector/Sub Sector Name of Projects Target Achievement % Achievement Remarks Component Target 1 Social Sector/Population welfare Services in District Islamabad Family Welfare Centre1 1 – – Target not achieved due to ban on recruitment Social Mobilizers (M&F) 07 – – Target not achieved due to ban on recruitment Reproductive Health Services Centre-B 1 1 100% – Registered Medical Practitioners 5 5 100% – Hakim & Homeopaths 2 2 100% –