Capital Administration and Development Division

Capital Administration and Development Division has been created in wake of the 18th Constitutional Amendment. The Division is mainly responsible to execute all such functions being previously performed by the abolished Ministries/ Divisions within the jurisdiction of the Federal Capital Area. As such, functions of the Division are multifarious capturing a range of subjects like health, social welfare, education, rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, population welfare, etc. Functions The Ministry of Capital Administration and Development is mandated to carry out following main functions in the Islamabad Capital Territory:

  • Execute the functions previously handled by the abolished Ministries/Divisions (in sectors like education, health, social welfare, special education, tourism, etc.) within the jurisdiction of the Federal Capital Area.
  • Look after administrative and personnel matters of the various departments and organizations of the devolved Ministries placed under administrative control of the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development.
  • Look after all the technical matters related to the attached departments/sub-ordinate offices of the Ministry.
  • Take over and continue the ICT components of the ongoing PSDP projects of devolved Ministries as allocated by the Planning Commission.
  • All the matters related to the execution of development projects of attached department/sub-ordinate offices, independent entities and organizations under the administrative control of the Ministry.

Administration/Management In order to perform the functions assigned to it, the Ministry has organized itself into five Wings, viz. Administration Wing; Education Wing; Health Wing; Planning & Development Wing; and Social Welfare and Special Education Wing. Administration Wing looks after the regular budget and administrative matters of the Ministry and all departments/organizations under it. Education, Health and Social Welfare & Special Education Wings are responsible for dealing with the technical matters of the relevant organizations in the respective sectors. The Planning and Development Wing deals with the development related matters of the attached departments/organizations. Number of Employees The position of employees of the Ministry is as under:

  • Main Ministry =                                               229
  • Education Sector =                                        15389
  • Health Sector =                                              5173+2500 (trainees)
  • Social Welfare & Special Education =              877
  • Other =                                                           93 Total =                                                            21761

Budget of M/o CA&D and its Organizations (Rs. in Million) The current and development budget allocated to the Ministry during the financial years 2011-12 and 2012-13 is as follows:

  • 2011-12
    • Non-Development = 8147
    • Development = 937
  • 2012-13
    • Non-Development = 8946 (against demand of 12 bills)
    • Development = 792